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IBC formation and licensing
In order to establish an IBC the company must first be incorporated under the Companies Act of Barbados and then obtain permission from the relevant ministry in the form of a license to conduct international business. IBC Renewals
an IBC license must be renewed annually and is subject to a late penalty fee for those which are not renewed on or before December 31st. Registered Office
This is the official address of the IBC in Barbados where the share registers, minute books and other statutory information is to be kept. Director Meetings
The first meeting of directors must be held as soon as possible after the certificate of incorporation has been issued. This meeting is required to deal with matters such as adopting by laws, authorising share issues, appointing officers, making banking arrangements and transacting any other business required by the company. Shareholder Meetings
An annual meeting is legally required at which shareholders may be represented by proxies. It is required that the first meeting of the share holders be held within 18 months of the date of incorporation of the company, and subsequent meetings 15 months after holding the last preceding annual meetings. Accounting
Maintaining financials and statutory records for the company. Auditing
Auditing company financials and making sure that the company remains in good financial standing. All IBCs with gross revenue of US$ 500 000 or gross assets must conduct and annual audit. Corporation Tax Returns
Filing statutory returns on the behalf of the company. Bank Accounts
In order to open a bank account evidence of incorporation two forms of photo identification and proof of address and banker's references for the account signatories are required. Credit Cards
These can be issued to IBCs with the provision of evidence of incorporation and photo identification and proof of address. Corporate Secretarial Services
Acting as Company Secretary and undertaking all issues relating to the compliance of the company with the Companies legislation including gits annual maintenance. Notarised Certification of Documents
Notarial certification of corporate documents and liaising with the Registrar of Corporate Affairs on the Company's behalf. Virtual Office Services
Management of calls and mail, call forwarding and voice mail. Administrative & Management Services
These include the preparation of relevant documentation.